Wednesday 3 February 2010

All its teeth fell out into my mouth and gave me scurvy.

That's right, it's Yahtzee again.  He really is back on a roll, this review for Dark Void is him at his wonderful sneering best. 
 A little heads up, from tomorrow I'm going to start using the 'read more'* button thingamy on my posts, so that all of them look about the same size and posts don't get completely lost every day.  We'll try it and see how it goes.  So for example...

Today I watched some Lost... wanna hear more...?  (No spoiler, promise.)  And you'll be able to hit the read more button to read the rest of the post.  Now I did try this with tonight's post but it doesn't really work when a video is embedded as the video disappears from the front end and only reappears when the you click 'read more'.  On the plus side I've now set up a 'test' blog, only viewable by me, where I can test stuff like that.


*I have no idea what will happen when this posts on the facebook fan page thingy if you're reading this on there.  

I've only watched the first half of episode one as the link I got sent for the (whisper it) torrent was only for the first bit.  That downloaded in about 40 minutes and while I was watching I started to download part two.  At time of writing, about three hours later, it is still downloading.  Brilliant.

Those who've been reading for a while will know that I'm a huge fan of the show and have been an avid viewer since the start.  So what did I make of the first 45 minutes of the final season?

Classic Lost to be honest.  Drama and head fuck.  In spades.  If you already love the show, you'll love it.  You'll especially love... well I'll let you see for yourself.

Lost airs in the UK this Friday (05.02.10) at 9pm.

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  1. Amazing, "Lost" lost me after the 2nd season. Too scary and confusing, and i thought I'd rather stick with the straight shows like CSI and Law And Order. Bad guys, good guys, bad guys get bashed, good guys smile.