Wednesday 10 February 2010

Am I shit at MW2?

In a word, yes.

Things started well enough on Modern Warfare 2.  I was ok for the first few weeks as we all learnt the maps and got used to the new kill-streaks.  But slowly but surely things went downhill.  And downhill fast.

I usually play teamdeath matches and most of the time I more or less even out on my kills to death ratio.  So if I get ten kills I probably wind up with around ten deaths.  Which all sounds great but once in a while, lets take yesterday as an example, I'll go on a long and frustrating run of awfulness.

It's maddening and deflating and almost makes me yearn for the days of just playing games offline, before I got addicted to inviting this plethora of strangers into my living room with their sniper rifles, grenade launchers and poor communication skills.

These runs can go on for days and then all of a sudden I'll pull off something remarkable (insert your own gag) and think I'm back in business.  But who am I kidding?  I'm 36 and no longer have the reflexes of a 12 year old and as immersive as I find MW2 I cannot completely connect with the estranged first person body that I'm running around in.  That might sound strange but when someone jumps out of a first floor window and knifes you in the face, before you've pulled a trigger, you'll get what I mean.

So why keep playing?  I'm nearly a thousand deaths down on my kills now, with little chance of ever pulling that back so the answer is...

Forget about it.

As much as I hate firing a grenade launcher into the opposing team, taking out two, only to turn around into a claymore/someone's shotgun/an air strike/a Pavelow helicopter and as many times as it feels that those pesky predator missiles have my name etched into them (they do) I still love playing.  So the answer is... fuck my kill death ratio.  In fact, screw my stats altogether.

I enjoy shooting people on my TV.  I'm not gonna stop.  I just need to get used to the idea that when COD4 came out I was a younger man.  (Two years younger, but way way better at shooting people in the head.  Weird huh?)  There's also the knowledge that I'm not the worst that the world of MW2 has to offer.  There are some that still cause me to laugh at how bad they are.  Admittedly this doesn't happen that often, but it happens enough to keep me sane.  So it's not all bad.

MW2 is hard.  Really hard.  My lightning like reflexes are gone... (I know, I never had them) but I can still enjoy the thrill of it all and once in a while out thinking someone like in a weird game of chess.  Incidentally I was always rubbish at chess too.  Connected?  Maybe.

So carry on I shall, with my shotgun on my back and my trusty noobtube under my arm...

Alternatively I may just find a bush somewhere and invest in a sniper rifle...

It's worth a try right?

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