Tuesday 23 February 2010

Gordon Brown - Bully?

Around 13 years ago I worked for a bully.  His name was Matt and he was an utter wanker.  The reason he bullied was because he was terrible at his job as store manager of a major retailer in London's West End.  He turned a great, harmonious team, into a disaffected and ineffectual one in weeks, it was my hardest period in retail.

I wonder if that's why Brown's perceived as a bully by those that work for him?  That he just knows that he's crap and that the election that looms is one he's fated to lose.  That deep down he knows turning that around is beyond him.  That lashing out at those around him is the only way he knows how to respond.  Demanding more of them, telling them that the reason he's going under is them and their poor team work.

The Charity that went public with the accusations of bullying within government should be forced to close, rarely has a woman been better named than silly, easily manipulated, Christine Pratt, who even as I type is probably meeting with Max Clifford.  It was a stupid thing to do, which was always unlikely to gain much sympathy, frankly, most of us hate a snitch.

Brown probably is a bully.  The likes of Peter Mandelson have thick enough hides to deal with characters like that but I'm sure there are other members of the teams that work for the Prime Minister who take every put down and vile comment home with them every night, as I did 13 years ago.  However, the thing about people who are in a position they shouldn't be is that they get found out eventually, get sacked or leave.  I have this strange feeling that those that worked closely with Brown when he was Chancellor probably breathed a huge sigh of relief when he stepped up to be PM.

The last I heard of Matt he was shifting from job to job, around once every six months, because no one would put up with a management style that was the closest to David Brent I ever experienced.

So breathe easy people.  Brown's going whether he's a bully or not.  He's going because he just isn't a 'Prime Minister'.

I have never stuck my political head above the blogging parapet on here.  I'm not a Tory voter.  I just think Brown is a twat.

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  1. Funny thing, Gray, I've been thinking the exact same thing the last few days. He was the ultimate bully. And it wasn't just a tough management style. It was frustration at his own incompetence and inability to communicate and motivate others. And the fact that he probably also had very small (albeit very hairy) genitals.