Monday 15 February 2010


Ok so this isn't a pic of my computer last night but it did decide to do some pretty weird and wonderful stuff.  I tried to download the latest update of tweetdeck and the PC kicked it out saying I wasn't an Administrator and then wouldn't open the old version because it had uninstalled that as part of the process. 8-/

Now obviously life can continue without tweetdeck.  Honestly, I'm fairly sure that it could.  There's even the rather lovely Destroy Twitter that does much the same thing.  But I love tweetdeck*.  I've been using it for the best part of a year, seen it grow and become more and more user friendly, including a facebook column etc.

After an hour of trying to rescue it I just thought, 'fuck it.'

The computer was refusing to recognise me as an Administrator so I couldn't do much.  I found a work around on the tinternet but it sounded more complicated than... well than anything I'd ever done.  EVER.

So I gave it some thought (30 seconds) and decided that the best thing was a full restore.  And tonight I'm typing this from a fully restored PC that has now accepted tweetdeck and iTunes updates and that feels all sparkly and sprightly.  Bless it.  I was gonna get a Mac in March... I'm still having an internal debate about it, but despite my coveting of the Appley goodness I think I may stick with my PC.  For despite its flaws, I still love it.**

One downside to all this is that the counter is now counting my hits to the blog, if anyone has any idea how I can remedy that let me know.  So I'll attempt to just hit the blog a few times a day and use Analytics to measure my stats.  It's a pity though, having gone through 15,000 hits a few weeks ago.

*tweetdeck is a twitter application.
**Especially now it's all quick and that again.

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