Saturday 13 February 2010

Southampton v's Portsmouth

As most of you will know I support Liverpool so today's local derby meant, well, not a lot to me.  But at work today the sense of expectation in Southampton was palpable.

However although we had the game showing on the department (Audio & TV) disaster struck when some one realised that the digital signal in our staff area upstairs didn't pick up ITV.  At all.

I of course found this most amusing and it resulted in three of us watching the second half during our (not in any way extended) lunch break on a PC streaming from ITV's website.  Now that sounds great in principle but these are not state of the art PC's and our network is crazy busy, so every so often the buffering on the stream would fail and we'd lose the picture.

I watched with @theboycheese who is a massive Saints fan and bless him, because the screen froze, he missed Saint's equaliser.

Saints lost 4-1 but did pretty well for about 70 minutes until they had to chase the game.

There was some trouble outside the ground but barely anything in town.  For those not aware the rivalry is pretty fierce between the two clubs.

At least if Portsmouth do go out of business next week they can say that their last game was a victory over Southampton.

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