Wednesday 31 March 2010

Angry Birds - Review

It's 59p for your iPhone.  It has stopped me playing Fable II and I haven't turned on the PS3 for a day.

You fire birds from a catapult at pigs.  It is so simple the cat understands it.  It is more addictive than crack.

Puzzle game?  Yes.  Deeply frustrating?  Oh yes.  Hugely satisfying when you kill all the piggies with your birdies?  Hell yes.

*Deep breath* (must write proper review!)

Ok so the premise is simple, fire your limited amount of birds at the objects protecting the pigs.  It looks like this.
Some birds explode.  Some just fly through wood like a hot knife through wooden butter.  Some split into three birds when you tap the screen increasing the damage.  Others drop exploding eggs.  You will come to love them all.  You get graded for each level that you complete, getting the hallowed three stars by not using all the birds that you have available and by destroying as much on screen stuff as possible.

It's the first game for iPhone I've come across for since Flight Control that uses the iPhone touch screen so well.  You pull back the catapult back and watch your bird fly.  Genius.
How well you've directed your bird will determine on how successful you are in killing pigs.  Most of the time you don't have to be pixel perfect but later levels see the game get considerably harder and there are levels where you will be left scratching your head over how on a earth a three star level is possible.

If you're still confused, you probably are if you've never played it or don't have an iPhone, this may help.
I'm off to charge my iPhone, again.


Format: iPhone
Available: Now
Price: 59p
Developer: Clickgamer
Publisher: Rovio 


  1. I ADORE Angry Birds! It's devilishly addictive and HUGE fun. Damnit, why didn't I think to review it first ;)

  2. I cannot do a birds all flop down on the ground! Bee Cells lite is STILL my favourite game after 18 months, I have to play it a couple of times even before I go to sleep ( yes sad life ;0)
    My score.......0 !! ;0S

  3. I completed it today. Now going back in to try and get 3 stars on every level. Yikes!