Tuesday 9 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - One hour in.

There's no way I'm gonna judge a game on it's first hour.  I wouldn't be that stupid.  But what an opening.

It's Final Fantasy so it's cut scene city from the get go.  If you hate cut scenes, you ain't gonna like it.  If you hate fights that are full of numbers rather than perfect timing of the punch button then you'll hate it.  But for anyone that's ever played and loved a Final Fantasy game the opening hour is just a joy.

The visuals are quite breathtaking and when you suddenly realise that you can move the camera, not something I'd expected after seeing the endless trailers, you will literally splurge in your Squaresoft pants.

The battle mechanics are a change in direction once again, as they often are with FF games and this sees a return of the 'Active Time Battle' which means that battles are played out at a gloriously relentless pace against some already mind boggling looking foe.

The story thus far is still locked down, but the early plot looks promising, the voice acting is solid enough and Lightning may, just may end up rivalling Cloud as the number one FF icon.  Time will tell.

Oh and there's already been a Chocobo in someone's hair.


For those that missed my tweet and status update on facebook there will be no icon post this week.  It's a crazy week at work and I'll be writing nearly all day on Thursday.  Sorry guys.  Back next week.  Promise.

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