Thursday 25 March 2010

Icon #46 London Calling

Most iconic album cover of all time.
Another tough icon post today and I was very tempted to go for Dark Side of the Moon.  But as always it's not just about the icon that gets the most mentions, it's also about the one that I can personally connect with and Pennie Smith's picture is not only a great album cover it's up there as one of my favourite pictures of all time.

For me it sums up punk rock in a much better way than the Sex Pistols shock tactics of the Never Mind the Bollocks ever did.  Paul Simonon about to smash his bass live on stage in New York.  Visceral and weirdly beautiful.

Could there have been a better moment to press the shutter button on her camera?

It's punk rock, it's the ultimate rock and roll moment.  In one great picture.  Thankfully it also has a great British album to back it up.

Tonight's post is dedicated to @David1969 (happy birthday mate), @Mo_Jesus and Will (from facebook).

Briefest icon post ever?  Yes.  Reason?  Gadgets. 8-)

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