Thursday 11 March 2010

No icon Thursday.

Weird not doing a post tonight but I've only just paused for breath.  As much as I try and make this place work like a real life website sometimes my real life gets in the way.  Which is probably Alanis Morissette for ironic, or something.

So why no post?  What got in the way?  Well work has been crazy busy this week, I was running a training session for forty yesterday and today I was attempting to catch up on all the work that had been put off because of that.  Which meant writing all day, so the thought of writing again tonight kinda, for once, filled me with dread. I'm also at a conference tomorrow, have company tomorrow night and I'm out again on Saturday... so my posts will be minimal.  Sorry guys.  I'll find some interesting stuff to go up in my absence.  God bless scheduled publishing (I love you Google).

Every once in a while life gets in the way of a one man website.  Luckily I have some AT (@maverick99sback) posts to fall back on so this may well be his blog for the next two days.

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