Saturday 20 March 2010

We Must Prove The Giant Wrong

I need your help with something.

Next weekend I am being visited by The Giant (old friend from way back who is really fucking tall).  He has recently started his own business and would like to have a better grasp of social media and how it could benefit him.  I'm not going to go into too much detail about what he's doing but there's a retail connection.

However The Giant isn't actually using any form of social media despite a brief flirtation with twitter.  I'm convinced that if he got involved he'd understand what the potential is and how he could use social media to benefit his fledgling business.

Trouble is he hates the thought of using facebook or twitter. 

So this week I want to create a campaign, that he will have no idea about, and get as many as people as possible next Saturday, from around 2pm GMT, to message me on twitter and facebook with 'The Giant is Wrong' or something along those lines.  (see # tag below.)

If I can show him that I can create something vaguely viral via 3 or 4 social sites then maybe he'll see what could be achievable with more resources.

If you want to get involved join here facebook (not a crap group) or follow on twitter @diaryofaledger.

I will do as much as I can, podcast, YouTube etc and if anyone has any other bright ideas let me know.

#wemustprovethegiantwrong starts here.

I wouldn't normally ask but please RT! Cheers.

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