Tuesday 13 April 2010

Adverts on twitter? Panic button on facebook?

There hasn't been, from what I've seen today, much of a reaction to this news as yet.  Once people start seeing adverts in their feeds I'm pretty sure that might change.

via Mashable.

At the moment though they look like this.  Just appearing when you search twitter from inside the site.  Personally this isn't much of an issue partly because they don't appear in the UK yet and I rarely if ever use the twitter search feature.  If I do I'll do it on an app not on the website.

Also I kinda get that for twitter to continue it has to start making some money for the guys that run it so the odd advert on a search doesn't sound too awful.  They've also committed to only one advert on each search so that doesn't seem terrible news either.  But forced adverts on feeds?  That's kind of a bummer.

It's not really been confirmed yet but the rumours seem pretty strong.  The question is, how the fuck is that going to work?

Facebook is already an advert fest.  One of the reasons I love twitter is that home brew appeal and the 'not selling out to the man' feel of the whole damn thing.  But most importantly of all that ability to lose an account from your feed that over promotes.  So when a celeb grows tired of chatting to the masses and starts banging on about their new show/film/gig/ you can remove them.  But if tweets promoting stuff start appearing in our feeds I can see the twitteratti getting mightily pissed off.

A twitter pissed off with twitter.  I'm fairly sure the internet will combust at that one.

Twitter also bought tweetie (iPhone app) which has apparently got all the other app developers worried.  Is it the best twitter app?  Close thing with tweetdeck really.  They both have advantages over the other although looks wise and for ease of use tweetie probably sneaks it.  I do like that tweetdeck for iPhone completely mirrors the one on my desktop though so I switch between them all the time.

It's going to be interesting to see twitter evolve over the next year with all these changes.

There have been calls for a facebook panic button.  What a lovely idea.  I can press it every time I get invited to join a group.

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