Wednesday 7 April 2010

Culling In The Name Of

I culled 50 odd tonight from my facebook account.  I wouldn't normally write about this here but I'm fairly sure that no one that I culled has the remotest interest in reading anything I write here anyway.  If I'm wrong about that and you're here reading this, feel free to call me out on that and I'll happily apologise.

Of course that's not why I kept the 180 of you I have left on facebook, many of you I enjoy connecting and interacting with.  Most of the 50 don't do that, either with me directly or by updating their accounts on a regular basis.  Even those of us that bemoan facebook and it's failings still use it to interact or inform.

Some of them I couldn't remember at all.

Does this sort of thing ever happen on twitter?  Yes.  Quite a lot actually.  But the difference is that unfollowing some of the developing twitter elite (droll humour, hate everything, attention seeking, talk to pretty girls amazed by how clever they all are etc etc etc) last week was not going to upset them.  They'll have barely noticed because they are so self consumed by their next 'funny tweet', from a bus.*

I follow either people I find funny or people that are genuine.  End of.  And on facebook I'm friends with people I love, people I like and people I think are cool.  That a fair proportion of my facebook friends are people I follow on twitter is no coincidence.

*I'm aware I tweet from the bus and none of the above was a dig at @WH1SKS which some of you may get  the wrong end of the stick about following our 'debate' on twitter a couple of weeks ago.

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