Wednesday 28 April 2010

Going home...

For one week only I return to London.  One of only two places that have ever felt truly like home.  The reason?  JMcG is getting married and for his stag the Ledgers (and some other people) will be spending a week there doing various things that we can't possibly talk about here.  Ever.

I kinda just wanted to let you know what this means for the site.

I actually have no idea.  There may well be posts.  There may just be daily pics.  There will be access to a Mac and I'll have the iPhone so it isn't going to be impossible but I think that it's probably fair to say that there will be no Icon Thursday next week.  May 5th will stay as a blank blog day, just as it was last year.  So don't desert me entirely, I will still be here in one form or another, rattling your cages.  You bigots.*

*If you need me to apologise for that, email me your address and I'll pop round for a cup of tea and apologise.  I do a wicked fixed and unconvincing grin. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Bigots.......LMAO!

    and Please Please! The cage needs rattled. Er I might suffer withdrawals.