Saturday 17 April 2010

A taste of my own medicine...?

Possibly... last night someone, somewhere (New York) took offence at my blog post about Liverpool's current owners and how pleased I was that they are selling up.

To be honest it's hardly a contentious piece.  The club is worse off than when they arrived, the new stadium has stalled and there's not a fan out there that's thinking, 'oh bugger, that seems like a shame.'

So what was I accused of?  'Yankee bashing.'

The weird bit was being on the receiving end of someone else's ranting a week after I went off on one and got unfollowed.  However, I didn't unfollow this guy, he got so upset by my post that he blocked me.  Although even as I type he's still raging at me.  Which is kind of amusing.  The joy of two accounts huh. ;)

One of the things I've loved about twitter is the way it has completely opened up my world, particularly when it comes to the Americans I've met.  Ty, KJC, Jen, Nessa and Mich to name but five.  My preconceptions have been blown out of the water with their wry humour, true sense of where the USA sits in the world and their warmth and generosity.  There's no way one person is gonna spoil that for me and in the end it just all led to a few funny facebook updates from AT.  So it all turned out ok.

Just to clarify though for anyone that was upset by my 'Yankee Bashing' post, it would not have mattered where Gillett and Hicks were from, I would have hated what they've done to 'my' club regardless.

Tom Cruise is still a cock block though.


  1. I, for one, am constantly and repeatedly offended by your Anti-Americanism. The things you say on a daily basis make me cry, curled up in a corner, rocking back and forth, reminding myself that such hate speech only comes from a deep ignorance.

    Oh... no... wait... The tears and rocking are for totally different reasons. You're just a guy with a cat who likes football and Batman and video games (which, apart from the 'football' being soccer, is all rather stars and stripey (and by that I mean American, not anything to do with @Wh1sk's girlfriend)).

    So yeah... you're A-OK Number One with this Yank. (Though since it's baseball season, I prefer the general American label because the Yankees are fucking cockholes who can fuck each other in the bullpen, thanks.) (I don't mention it much, but I'm a Red Sox and Mets fan.)

  2. You're being Glib, Gray.

    They should just call you.... "Glib Gray".

  3. Screw the Red Sox, this is the Cubbies seasons! Go Cubs!

  4. I am a tolerant man, and do not find your posts offensive. However, I fear that you might start posting about things like playing real life 'Dungeons and Dragons' or practising 'Special Ops' in the woods. I might find that objectionable.

  5. John Merlin: GO CUBS! I did a post about them earlier... *you may want to check?*

    oh, and Gray, I fucking love your Limey ass. ;D