Saturday 24 April 2010

You thought two Ledger Blogs was enough huh?  Not so.  We now have three sites.  Here, AT's place and now Mike has (which isn't technically the actual address yet.  But hey don't knock it the boy done good.)  This has the potential to be something a bit special if the legendary laziness can be avoided.  I can see it existing as a hub for all things Ledger, although he may have to learn some HTML coding as it is an actual website and not a hosted blog.

Three then.

It started here, where will it end?  In the fourth Ledger having one?  Who knows.  He's busy with  life.  Getting married, buying a house etc etc.

Oh and I'm putting money on Mike being back on twitter in a week, when he clocks that facebook friends don't tend to give a fuck or just whine about links.  Apart from the ones I didn't cull, obviously. 

Go and have a look at AT's site today.  We've played around with it a bit and it looks fucking great.

I'm in discussion with Google about why my blog followers widget thing has gone.  I'll keep you posted on this exciting story as and when I have news. 8-/

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