Tuesday 18 May 2010


Hey all.

Just some minor stuff that you might find useful on the site but worth pointing out.  I've moved the links to reviews up the page a bit and created another quick link to the review pages, to AT's Monday film posts and the Icon posts.  Hopefully that's a bit more user friendly.  There's also a link to AT's blog on the header bar although it's a bit convoluted.  But you'll get there by hitting 'Diary of a Maverick Ledger'.

In other news I'm now going to start writing a piece for AT's blog every Monday night, in a sort of exchange deal.  I'm going to focus on music and although my first topic has been lined up I'd appreciate any ideas or questions you might have.  So hit me on twitter or facebook with suggestions etc.

My Google followers badge still seems to appear and disappear on a random basis without rhyme or reason. I've asked Google why but I heard nothing back.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions about what they'd like to see here I always respond to and appreciate feedback.


  1. It's total rubbish.
    Scrap the whole of it and start over.

    (Juss messin! <3 U!)


  2. HA!!!!
    Thanks for being one of my favourite people. (upgrade, since you're not just one of my favorite people.)