Friday 21 May 2010

Lost... nearly done.

It's so close to finishing and by the time this post gets published you will have all watched the penultimate episode.  Hopefully.  If you haven't I'd strongly recommend not hitting the 'read the rest' button.

The final season has been answering stuff since the first episode but (hey this IS Lost) it's also been posing a fair few.  What the Island is has been sort of answered, why the main characters were brought there has been answered in principle.  For me the 'sort of' is enough.  I stopped caring a while ago (several years) about what the Island was and why it was so special.  Not in a, 'I don't give a fuck anymore,' way but I bought into it being a story about Jack, Kate and the rest.  I love that some of it looks like it will get unanswered.

That Jack, by the end of episode 16, has decided he's going to stay and protect the Island is no surprise.  If it's him on the Island at the end with one other character as his nemesis then I'll be a happy man.

The alternate universe thing where we're seeing the characters lives if they'd never met Jacob, with Desmond drawing them all together, is confusing but hopefully it's a skilful double bluff.  I started the season worrying that this was where things were going to end up but the longer it's gone on the more I've warmed to that story.  Ben has had a nice arc throughout that alternate life, I'm never quite sure where the story is going to end for him, even now he is one of the most ambiguous characters in a TV show I can remember.  One second I hate him the next I'm rooting for him.  Tonight's moment of interest for me was Ben not waiting to hear from Miles what his daughter Alex had to say from beyond the grave.  Was that because she'd already spoken to him?  Is it because he already knows where his journey is going to end.  The alternate universe has shown a different side to his character, the good side.  I still think he might be the one to save them all in the end, Lost's Darth Vader. 

I love that I'm still not sure at all how it's going to finish.  I'm quite proud that I stuck it out through the dip that was season three and that I'm seeing it through to the end.  Personally I hope they leave it be after next weeks final episode and don't go back and make a film.  I hope there's no spin off comic book, no plethora of bad novels that blight so many of TV series of the past.  Let it go and let it be remembered for what it was.  One of the great TV shows.  

And pray that we're all still saying that this time next week.

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