Tuesday 11 May 2010

Prime Sinister

David Cameron it is then and the Country got what it voted for.  The rainbow coalition was never really looking like a great option to be honest and the Libs week of playing at power is nearly over.

Remember when we got the Tories out in 1997, that feeling of jubilation and relief that they were gone?  Do you feel that today?  I don't.

I feel disappointed that thirteen years later the Labour party failed to live up to the promise of Blair and the excitement that election result brought.  That they took us into Iraq and a war in Afghanistan causing so many senseless deaths with no real plan still makes me want to cry.

I voted Liberal Democrat.  Does it feel like a wasted vote?  Maybe.  But they have done the right thing as far as the election result is concerned and I think that morally Clegg and co can hold their heads up on that one.  I hope that the election helps to bring about electoral reform but I'm fairly certain that the Tories will do everything they can to resist real change.

It's a coalition government in name alone.

The country has got what it voted for.  Sometimes democracy sucks.  But that's kind of the point of it.   

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