Saturday 8 May 2010

Stag Week - Done

I'm not not sure I can do last week justice to be honest.  It was that damn good.

Tired doesn't really cover how I'm feeling right now but as JMcG drove away tonight, after dropping me home, there was a palpable sense of 'it' being over.  I think we both felt that.

Of course there were highlights, some of which will get a proper post, such as Biffy and Iron Man 2 but there were others too that will stay with me for a long time.

The way the group reacted to AT getting fleeced by some thieving card swiping bastards at a cash point was pretty special.  The way AT just got on with it was even more impressive.

I got to spend a week with my three best friends, honestly the Ledger thing, whatever the fuck it is, is a special thing between three friends.  I have never laughed so much my chest hurt the following day.  I have now.

The Duke of York pub is the best pub in London.  Fact.

Adam Connolly is a star.  JMcG you picked a dude as your best man.

JMcG's cousins were just hilarious all week.  Excellent guys.  Good at darts.     
Seeing @KyeLani again was awesome.  One very special twitter friend who managed to make me well up on Oxford Street.  Meeting @Comedyfish properly too was just great.  Seriously my kind of person.  The mini tweetup on Tuesday with @KyeLani, @Maverick99sback (AT), @Hhhmmm, @mixmasterfestus, @butterflygrrrl and @Nicky_T was equally special.  Just great to put faces to names and then on Wednesday I got to meet @Jeninher30s one of my first follows on twitter from back in the day when it felt like there were just 10 of us on there.  Great to meet her and chat art and stuff.  As cool in real life as she is on twitter.

We did so much that I could ramble on about but to finish up here are the the three things I learnt about myself this week.

  • I could still do a job for Benitez, for about three minutes, at the end of a match, as long as it involved no running, or actual kicking of a ball.
  • All day drinking is now a no no.  Seriously, hang overs kicking in at around six in the evening are a complete bitch.
  • I still love London.  Deeply.

Cheers JMcG.  We'll always have Camden.  Roll on June buddy.

Can we do it all again soon guys?  Guys...?  Guys....?        Guys.....?        Oh.

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