Saturday 26 June 2010

iPhone 4G - Houston we have a problem... or two.

I've not got one, but I know a fair few who have.  Apparently there are some that are having screen issues and others are struggling with network coverage because the new silver casing is the aerial, and if you hold it in a certain way it shorts the connection.

The Apple haters scream, 'FAIL'.  The Apple lovers scream, 'MINES FINE AND IT'S A BUCKET OF LOVELY.'  Me, well I'm a bit 'Meh,' about the whole thing.  I love my 3GS, I will at some point upgrade, but I don't own a Mac, yet, so I sort of sit between the two as a Apple lover.  Clearly some have had issues but Apple are great at customer service, they'll do their best to sort people out.

The one story that made me chuckle was that in order to test the iPhone 'out in the field' Apple had to put it some form of cover to disguise it so they didn't pick up on the network issues.  I probably shouldn't chuckle at that, but there you go.

The screen issues seem limited to a minority of handsets and Apple will replace them.

So, as per usual, it's probably all a storm in an internet teacup.  I've held a 4G.  Seen the amazing new screen and iMovie App.  It's a great gadget.  Ok there are a few issues, but Apple will ride it out just like they did when everyone though that an iPod couldn't hold a battery charge.

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