Tuesday 8 June 2010

iPhone 4G

via Apple
After months of rumours we finally got the Apple key note and Mr Jobs (his name still makes me chuckle, Jobs, tee hee) gave us the low down on his new toy that WE ALL MUST HAVE!

It is, of course, undeniably pretty.  The new higher resolution screen looks lovely and the addition of a front facing camera and high def video recording are all very welcome.  Of course upgrading from the 3GS is currently not an option for me, maybe next year, but the question is do I need too?  Well a lot will depend on whether the new iMovie App will run on my now hopelessly outdated (joke) iPhone.  It was the one bit of news that I was actually excited about.

The 3GS is going to run the new operating system so we'll get multi-tasking etc but iMovie may rely on the new chip.

Anyway you all know this stuff already.  And you'll have made your mind up about whether you think that any of it is remotely ground breaking.  But truthfully, I've seen other phones such as the HTC and numerous lovely  looking Blackberry thingys, and none of them have that aspirational quality that iPhone has. 

Apple are great at building the anticipation, seriously they could tell us all the new one did was give us all imaginary hats made of balloons and we'd all still have splooged in our pants.  That the head of the company gets up to tell us what's going on is their genius.  His passion for the new devices his business produces is infectious but anyone that has bought an iPhone, a Mac, or an iPod in the last few years can tell you all about how perfectly simple they are to get your head around.  I don't subscribe to the evangelical Apple club (much) but it's hard to deny the impact they've had culturally.  Yes many other smart phones do the same things that the iPhone does.  But none of them have felt like a natural progression from another gadget, that many of us already owned and loved and none of them put smart phones into the hands of everyone.  Suddenly the web opened up more than ever before while many of us were on the move and although other phones give that access do any of them offer the usability of the iPhone?  Maybe.  But are any of them remotely aspirational?  No.  Is that a good thing or have we all just fallen for some clever marketing?  Maybe, but I've never been happier with a phone.  

Partly because most of the time it doesn't feel like a phone at all.

I may be in trouble for stealing that pic of the iPhone off their site.  Shhh, it's our secret ok.  Ta. x

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