Tuesday 1 June 2010

One Upon a Time in Mexico

I should probably save this little tale until I write my review sometime in the next month but this little story sums up why I love Red Dead Redemption so much right now.

I rode into Chuparosa, in deepest Mexico, looking for Landon Ricketts and my next mission.  On the wall of a building though I spotted a Wanted poster for a bandit holed up near by.  200 bucks alive 100 bucks dead.

Too tempting to resist and I was short of funds so I took the job.  Up into the hills I headed on my trusty steed and within a minute his gang were taken down with some Dead Eye shooting (think Matrix bullet time but with Stetsons).  The bandit jumped on his horse and legged it and I took off in hot pursuit over dusty grassland and between the weathered rusty red rocks.

Eventually the criminal got himself and his horse stuck on a steep hill and having decided I needed him alive I thought the best thing would be to kill his horse.  So I shot it in the buttock and down it went, bandit and all.  He scrabbled to his feet while I jumped off my horse went for my lasso so that I could tie the thieving bastard up and take him back to town.  In my haste to catch him alive though I failed to notice him jump on my horse. And start to ride off.  In fact he didn't just start to ride off, he did ride off.  Up the hill and out of my guns range and over the sun drenched horizon.  Brilliant.  He'll get his though, next time I'm shooting the chump in the face for stealing my ride.

You have to play this people it's just so much fun.

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