Sunday 18 July 2010

MW2 Resurgence Map Pack - Review

More DLC for MW2 then.  Activision are presumably intent on regurgitating all of the maps from Call of Duty  4 before the next instalment of the Modern Warfare franchise hits, although to be honest you can't really blame them for milking Infinity Wards treasure trove of maps since the messy split.

There are two oldies here and three brand new maps costing £10.99.  I still maintain the old maps should be free DLC, just charge for the new ones Activision, you miserly bastards.  It's the old ones we want though right?  And I guess that's the issue, if we got them for free we wouldn't buy the new ones.  Maybe.  But that would be a real shame because, in this instance, all three new maps are excellent.

Carnival takes place at a broken down funfair and it's a fun, compact map perfect for the likes of Capture the Flag etc.  Set in the day time, it's bright and full of little hiding spots.  Not that I do any of hiding of course...  You can climb the roller coaster and get inside the big clown face too.  Which is kinda cool, but COD feels weirdly restrictive after the open world online brilliance of Red Dead.

Fuel is a massive wide open map with a few scattered buildings.  Basically a snipers paradise, kind of a bigger better Rust that came with the game.  A bit big for a small private game but it works great on a teamdeath match with that classic chase each other round it in giant circles feel.

Trailer Park is my kind of map.  No height, tight with a lack of any sniping positions.  It's always kill or be killed on COD but it always feels that bit more visceral on maps like this.  It's claymore heaven as you duck from one caravan to another never quite paying enough attention to the floor.  It's a map with a nice American feel to it, I love that there's bits of plane everywhere too.  I don't really know why.  I just do.  Shoot me.  Oh you did.

The two maps from COD4 are Vacant and Strike.

Let me sum them up as best I can.  Vacant was the one we loved playing Domination on.  The outside bit was always a bit open and safe, but indoors was oppressive and scary, like something out of a zombie horror flick, made in Russia.  Class map, one of the series best.

Strike on the other hand I'd forgotten about.  It's a solid map, familiar, like a cushion on your sofa that you could easily replace and never miss.  Sort of nice to have it back, but I could have lived without it.

So all in all, it's sort of good value.  The new maps are great and one of the old ones is a stone cold classic.
Where the fuck is Crossfire though?

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