Friday 16 July 2010

Tonight - Inception

I might not have been this excited over a film since Star Wars Episode I, lets just hope I'm not left bereft at the lack of ideas, cartoon esque CGI and the lack of any likeable characters like I was 10 years or so ago.  I've been a sensible movie goer in waiting though, with no review reading and just a couple of trailer viewings under my belt.

High hopes have none the less gathered though, largely due to @maverick99sback insisting for sometime that this will be THE FILM OF THE YEAR!  Bless him though, he's bought my ticket for the IMAX tonight, cheers buddy.

Tomorrow I'll give you my verdict and no doubt AT (@maverick99sback) will bring you his as well but hopefully we'll give you a sneak preview via Audio Boo on our way back from the cinema.

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