Saturday 3 July 2010

Twitter jitters

How did it start?  The slipping of my twitter mojo?  The staring at tweetdeck or my iPhone, blank brain, no need to interact and nothing worth saying.  

It's over now.  As soon as I told twitter I was getting tired of it the tiredness left and I got my mojo back, but what caused this aberration to occur?  Why did my need to tweet leave me?

I think twitter can be an amazing place but it's all to easy to start taking interaction for granted.  The other problem has been seeing people start to struggle with their twitter relationships and having ridden out my own shit storm a year ago maybe some of that has been a bit close for comfort.

But ultimately twitter, like anything in life, is about what you put in and frankly I'd been a bit shit for a while.  It's all to easy to get up and say, 'Good morning,' but if you offer fuck all else then you get fuck all back and I'd got lazy with it, as I tend to with most things.  It wasn't until I'd started to talk about 'losing my twitter mojo' that I really gave it any thought, so yesterday I made an effort with my followfridays.  I enjoyed it, I think people enjoyed it and I remembered that every now and again I could make people laugh.  Even when I'm sober.  And so my twitter mojo has returned.

I got a bit tired of the sycophantic way that that people tweet at celebs and those that flirt with fame.  I find that boring and dull.  The funny fuckers I follow, that have never got near fame, are far more deserving of a follow than most of the celebs on twitter and speaking of follows, that's the other thing I forgot about.  Twitter is about meeting and networking and I'd stopped pressing the follow button.  I have now started again and having bagged some new follows yesterday please say hi and I promise a follow back.

It's easy to get obsessed with the stats on twitter but isn't about that, or at least it shouldn't be in its purest form.  (Although that shit is very interesting and hard to resist.)  The Bird Brain App, brilliant as it is, was my downfall, I was looking at it almost as much as twitter and trying to force it instead of enjoying myself.  What a douche.

But I'm back, I think.  Hello mojo.  Evening twitter.


  1. If you liked my post you should read this by @neurosceptic

  2. Arrived by @neurosceptic and agree with your post too. Love it or loathe it, Twitter can be wonderful, I just feel they should scrap the bio section as it sees to be a CV for wannabes. Everyone is a director, actor, screenwriter, author, photographer or writer.

  3. I couldn't agree more about people desperately trying to get noticed by celebrities on Twitter. I think most people are guilty of doing it at one point or other, but a lot of level-headed people quickly grow out of it and start dealing with 'real' people instead.

    Twitter's an odd thing. It's a test of character at worst; you have to learn to not take it personally if people unfollow you, but it can also be extremely tiresome at the same time if you get yourself into the rut of feeling that you constantly have to 'check in' and entertain the troops. A break every now and again is good for the soul. While you still have one. :)

  4. *cough* TWITTERVIEWS *cough*
    You promised, Mr. Collins.