Wednesday 25 August 2010

Big Brother and Twitter

Once in while twitter springs into life and reminds me of why I loved it so much in the first place.  Love or loathe Big Brother (and I know many of you loathe it) twitter was a joy last night.

Twitter lends itself to events, the first televised election debate between the party leaders was a classic example of that, as was the whole Roal Moat thing.  Last night the build up was slow, the actual Big Brother the forerunner to the main event as far as twitter was concerned.

I won't bore you by repeating tweets but the second Josie won and Celeb Big Brother started in earnest, my timeline started to fill with gag after gag.  Ok, I love the interaction on twitter but when something like that is happening it's easy to get caught up in it all, particularly the speed that some were tweeting at.  For a solid two hours twitter was at it's very best and a bloody hilarious cluster fuck of joke telling.

We love to hate Big Brother but the final series has been blessed with a few great characters that have saved it from mediocrity and the winner, Josie, seems like a really decent, genuine lass from Bristol.  Her relationship with John James...?  Well I'll leave @domcoke to sum that up....

 'I find the whole Josie and John James thing incredibly melancholy. It makes me sad. It's like watching Josie free-falling to the ground.'

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