Monday 16 August 2010

The PelePot #1 @McleveyArtist

And low the PelePot did speak.

@McleveyArtist was one of my first follows on da twitter back in the day.  You know when we were all still nice to one another. (JOKE! Steady twitter.)

Adam (McleveyArtist) and girlfriend Jen (@jeninher30s) were very much part of that original group that began the whole twitter adventure with me and about five or six others.

What quickly became apparent was that Adam was a bit different to other tweeters and not because he dipped in and out rather than spend his life fixed to it.  No Adam was different because he was a talented artist just beginning an adventure to try and make his art his career.  It has been really amazing to watch that happen either through Adam himself or through Jen via twitter and facebook and also to have the opportunity to buy the odd piece myself.
My personal favourite.

Adam has gone from Street Art to making a living from his pieces and with the support of Jen has developed a proper career from it.  He's a genuine social media success story using twitter and facebook to promote his work although there's also a great website where you can order stuff.

Adam isn't a frequent tweeter, he drops in and out, you get the feeling Jen's shouting up to him in his studio to let him know he's had a mention, but if you are into art, you should be following.  His work is class and having had an opportunity to see some of his larger pieces in the flesh at Upfest on the Isle of Wight recently that lottery win can't come quickly enough.

So Pele has spoken, make him smile, follow @McleveyArtist.

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  1. Awww. Now I feel all special and stuff!

    Cheers. Been a lovely ride (fnar fnar!)