Monday 23 August 2010

Vote for the future of Iconthursdays

The destiny of Iconthursdays is up for grabs.

Do you want the format to stay as it is, with me choosing from the suggestions I get, irrespective of the amount of nominations?  Or would you like it to be a straight vote on a Thursday with the Icon with the most votes earning the post.

I'm up for either, I love doing it, but don't want it to go stale.  AT runs the vote on his site so you'll need to go there to vote and it will run for a week, starting today.  You can also vote on the Mobile version of AT's site just look for the poll option.

Go on then, don't hang about here, VOTE.  Oh and RT and share etc... love you x


  1. I know. But it might be time to mix things up. Have you voted? x