Saturday 11 September 2010

Bestival - Day 1

Friday night was a typical crazy start to a festival weekend.  A lost bag, lost girls and The XX proving way too popular to be in the Big Top.

The Fire Field provided @Sister_Ledge with the thrill ride of losing a bag then getting it back via a kindly Bestival goer with heart of gold who used the iPhone within the bag to contact us and allow us to retrieve it.  The girls also used the Fire Field to climb up on the stage and do some dancing while the lads hung back on the rug and supped the beer.  Good times.

The XX, sadly, were unwatchable, although we got as close as we could to the tent, but there must have been ten thousand trying to see them.  Despite the big screen outside the music was drowned out by the main stage.  A pity, but hey, just gonna have to go see them.

The girls managed to go to the bar during Mr Rascal and get lost.  For ages.  Dizzee was good though, despite not being my bag.

We laughed all night long though, despite the hiccups and Bestival remains a special experience.  I'll post more pics on Monday to give you some idea.

Today we're in the hands of the Rain Gods.  Don't piss on our parade mofo.

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