Wednesday 22 September 2010

Bye Bye Batman

Well sort of 'Bye bye Batman'.

It was time for the site to grow up a bit (not completely, I promise) hence the changes that have been happening over the last two days.  I tried to find a suitable background image myself, found something that lasted around 20 hours before I decided that I wasn't happy with it and have, for now, gone with something that Blogger offer.

I know that Batman put people off, maybe made people think that this was a Batman or comic book website, which it really isn't.  However the image did offer some branding of sorts, maybe I'll have to find something that gives me that back, but for now I'm relatively happy with how things look although, you know me, I am likely to tinker with the layout...

Batman does live on though, on Twitter, not in his original guise though because @jackfaulkner went and made this for me.


  1. *Waves goodbye to Batman*

    Next #iconthursday: Most iconic twitter avatar? I nominate your batty pic. It was the most recognizable in my feed. It was simple, bold, and never changed. It was steady. Like you. But I applaud your change. Sometimes it's just time, isn't it?

  2. Is it a coincidence that Batman in a Liverpool shirt results in tragedy for the Liverpool team? Surely it is not. I will not mourn the passing of Batman. He is a fictional and complex character. The last time I checked, he never once wrote any reviews on videogames, or subsribed to any accountancy spreadsheets. I doubt he even has an Xbox.