Tuesday 28 September 2010


Usually on a Tuesday AT writes here and I write there.  This week we're off to the cinema to watch yet another 'film of the year' so we're having a week off.  It's called The Town and I have literally no idea what it's about.

So no full post tonight (I feel like I've been lazy for days) which has been kinda nice to be honest.

Tweetathon2 is gathering momentum nicely, I've raised £160 so far, which is well in front of where I was at this point last year.  Cheers for the donations so far.

I need help to get the word out though so if anyone reading this has any media contacts, that they think might be interested in getting the story out there, please let me know, or send me contact details.  If you're new to tweetathon I realise that it might sound lame but last year it felt like an event and I think everyone that got involved had a lot of fun with the whole thing and many sat transfixed as the money rolled in on the final night.

I need help from twitter to get the word out.  I know asking for RTs is not usually the done thing but I'm doing it as a one off for a really great cause that is very dear to my heart.  So y'know.  Please retweet or hit the share button.

Many thanks,


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