Thursday 30 September 2010

Icon #68 Bullit

The most iconic movie car chase.
I'll keep this brief tonight because for me there was no other choice.  It's the sound of that heavily souped up Ford Mustang's engine, the point of view shots that remind me of Grand Theft and McQueen, all icy cool and calm, driving the thing to its limit.

The chase through the streets of San Francisco has its faults, five hub cabs fly off the car that McQueen is chasing and I think the VW Beetle gets passed at least four times as the cars race through the streets but it doesn't matter, it still manages to feel more real than so many car chases that have followed.

Is it the best ever?  Probably not.  Ronin and To Live and Die in New York are just two of those that got mentioned that probably top it, but most iconic... no question.

Tonight's post is dedicated to (from Twitter) @Giusep03, @Girl_In_A_Box, @DarrenWHU, @OAJP24, @Fyb3r_Optic, @debsa, @jeffjfyke, @KirstySMac, (and from facebook) Peter F and Mark O (aka @Mo_Jesus).

Nice to see some new faces on there tonight.  Keeps this shit alive and kicking every week.

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