Friday 17 September 2010

The Orange Facebook Fail

Today, most people with a mobile phone on the Orange network could not connect to facebook.  By the sounds of things facebook blocked someone for abusive behaviour, but blocked the IP address for their phone, something which, unfortunately, is shared between many many users on each network.  Brilliant.

What happened on the iPhone app was just a basic failure to connect but going in through the web based version on Safari gave me a message saying that I'd been blocked for abusive behaviour.  Me?!!  There was a mild panic that I'd actually been removed from facebook before I logged in via a PC and found that things were fine.

It looks like it's been sorted tonight and it's possible that it's the launch of 'Places' on facebook that could have been the issue but whatever, big fail on both companies part.  Not that it impacted me hugely but for many I imagine it's been a 'terrible' day...

What's has annoyed me though in the last month is the awful service that Orange are currently providing for 3G users.  It constantly drops out, despite saying that it has a great connection and I'm often finding myself having to turn it off, which is fine for the Twitter app but pretty rubbish for loading a web page.

It's increasingly frustrating, I love my phone, but without a proper internet connection it's just a pretty games console.

Not the post I was gonna write tonight, you can have my Clash of the Titans BluRay review another day.

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