Tuesday 19 October 2010

The One Where We Don't Write on Each Others Blogs

Call it lazy, call it just plain forgetful but for the first time (since last week, but that was special) @maverick99sback and I are not swapping posts on a Tuesday.

Instead we had lunch at 12, looked longingly at BluRays, considered life as we know it and satisfied our geek squad tendencies with a trip to Forbidden Planet.  A lack of funds meant no purchases were made, but the £60 Scout Walker (Star Wars) was a major tempter.

Back to work today, back to the reality of life after last weeks surreal and wonderful experience.  You know what, it wasn't all bad.  There was bunting on my desk and a few random congratulations from folk I didn't know even knew that I was doing it.  Lovely.

The nicest thing post Tweetathon has been how old friendships have grown stronger and new ones have developed.  And donations are still coming in, the total raised now topping £5,700.  Bonkers, but thank you again.

Oh and iconthursday returns this week.  Excited?

Feel free to hop on over to AT's site, I'm sure that he'll be posting this evening too from his one fan Macbook.

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