Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Playstation Phone...

How every tech company must hate Engadget.  You spend a year or so working on your Top Secret new product, that probably has a blue light on it, and along they come with a picture, splaying it all over their gadget laden, secret busting website.  They're basically Wikileaks for the geeks.

And today the Playstation Phone is unveiled.  Oh how exciting.  Or is it?

Until more details are revealed it's hard to really make a judgement on it but I can't help but feel that Sony are more than a tad off the pace here.  The starting gun went off three years ago, they slipped on their shiny black shoes, landed on their pristine LCD face, blue light blinking, as the rest, well Apple and Google, sped off at a rate of knots developing mobile devices that people actually wanted.

Don't get me wrong the idea of a PSP combined with a phone is not a bad one, it's just that it's an old idea and one that most of us have moved on from.  The desire to have a PSP in my pocket that I can also send a text or tweet from is long gone.

I'm sure the finished article will be a great product but Sony missed a beat here several years ago.  Pity.  Now if it was a mini PS3 with a phone I might be interested.  I wouldn't be really, *strokes iPhone*.

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