Friday 12 November 2010


Series two of Misfits started last night and was an absolute joy.  The characters are still as believable as ever, the acting wonderful and utterly compelling.  It's also very funny.  The Inbetweeners crossed with Buffy.

The story of the five kids with special powers and their mundane lives filled with murder (mostly ones they've been involved in) and other folk with mystery abilities, is dark and full of weight but the dialogue is short sharp and hilarious.

If you're not watching it you should be, even if it's just for the music which is pure class throughout.  The first season left this with a lot to live up to, but it did, big time.  After a day yesterday of not feeling particularly proud to be British (Twitter Joke Trial and 'student' protesters) at least some of our more creative minds have delivered a TV show that shines.  And it's not a reality TV show.  Thank fuck for that.

The real stuff is on my on my Posterous, which is no longer locked up.  Go have a read.  It just didn't feel right to put it here.

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