Friday 5 November 2010

The Twitter Time Out

I've had a crap week.  Today I sat in the dining room at work, with a stress induced headache, with my iPhone and I couldn't tweet.  I hate it when people bang on all the time about how miserable they are on Twitter and that's never been what I've been about on there.  

So I'm having a break.  Knowing me probably not for very long, I'll either be back tomorrow or Sunday.  When I come back I'm going to be open about what's happened and how best I move forward because my tweets have always been honest, even when they've been ill judged.

Sorry if I worried anyone today, thanks to those of you that have made contact, I love you all dearly and I will be back to normal soon.  I promise.

Gray x


  1. Hang in there buddy, seems like a lot of hard times going around the twitterverse but we're here for ya.

  2. Can I take over your followers in the mean time?

    And can you still RT my Blog links?

    Ta. x