Sunday 7 November 2010


I said it on Saturday, Thursday night felt like a turning point.  If we'd gone out today and got battered Gerrard's hatrick would have been a great one off and I'd have been wrong.

We worked so hard and Nando, finally, started to produce.  The second goal was just wonderful.  

Thursday was a lift for me on a personal level, but if I'm honest, and as many of you know Friday was a hard day.  The weekend has not been easy but I've knew that this afternoon my team would produce.  I could feel it all day, the only thing that mattered was the game.  It's been a long time since I've been afforded that luxury.

When Nando scored the second I burst into tears as the Kop, in full voice, celebrated.

I fell back in love with my team this week and after all the doom and gloom surrounding the club it's fantastic to see us start to play with some bite and belief.  There's much work to be done but this is a start for the side and for me.

It never ceases to amaze me how many times Liverpool pick me up when things are bad.  It's happened so many times now that even me, Mr Nothing Happens For a Reason, look at it and wonder.

Here's the big ones:

Dad was first, I've written about that in detail before.  We lost him on the 5th May 1986, five days later Liverpool won the Cup and completed the double.

2005, relationship failing and in complete meltdown emotionally they go and win the Champions League.  My text to her five minutes after the penalties - 'Best day of my life, even YOU couldn't fuck that up.'  There'd been a few beers. ;)

And now today.  One day maybe it'll get written about in more detail but I'll spare you that today.  Suffice to say that was a big big day for me and a big big performance precisely when I needed it most.  Now just make sure you don't fuck it all up against Wigan lads, cheers.

When you walk through the storm was never more prophetic. 

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