Wednesday 22 December 2010

All The Way Down

Woke up this morning with a case of Xmas blues.  Big style.

Working in retail can be a tough one this time of year.  'Keep smiling and carry on' has never been more prophetic.  Often you go from someone treating you like the idiot you clearly are for working in a shop, to a sweet old lady who doesn't know an iPod from a bunch of grapes in a matter of nano seconds.  It's hard to stay sane as your 'kill reflex' subsides and your 'aww what a lovely Gran she must be synapse' swings into gear.  People will, every so often, let you know how chuffed they were with the service you gave, others clearly think that spending £5.99 on a lump of coal entitles them to a shoe shine and a blowie, at the same time.  It's a veritable nightmare.  And not in the least bit Christmasy.

Moan over, but if you are going shopping tomorrow spare a thought for the guys who are serving you, who probably still have one more day to go and at best will have only two days off for Xmas.

It can be great fun working in a shop at Christmas, busy is good, time flies by and a lot of people are genuinely lovely, it's just the odd person that can completely mess with your day I guess.

For the record I got some great service tonight in HMV.  I called the person that served me a legend, wished them a Happy Christmas and went on my way.  Hopefully that helped them get through what was clearly a late shift.

My case of the blues will subside on Christmas Morning, I get it most years as the ghosts of Christmas past come to visit.  Which is nice.  But my nephew and niece will kick it out of me, they always do.

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  1. As a harrassed retail manager, I thank you!Yes, two days off. No reprieve as we are not allowed time off during the sales!