Monday 27 December 2010


Apologies for not being around on Twitter or facebook or anywhere else since Boxing Day morning.

I hope you all had a fantastic few days, I had a truly lovely Christmas Day thanks to @Sisterledge, @Lastmanstood, their two kids and my Mum and Step Dad.  Thanks guys.  It was a great day and I can not lie, Twitter was absolutely wonderful all the way through.

I have to make some changes.  I don't now how that impacts on here, on Twitter, or anywhere else, but I can't go on like this.  Bumbling from one mess to the next.  Ads called me Peter Pan not long ago but that's the last thing I am.  I'm a screw up.  I have to change that to get what I want and maybe, finally, out of everything that 2010 brought, I do know what that is now.

Sorry to dump a U2 song on you.  But... well... listen... if you can.

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