Friday 17 December 2010

Cheers Google

There was much excitement this morning at Ledger Towers as Google launched the new mobile friendly version of sites hosted by Blogger.  For a while now I've been using another, hosted by Widget Box, that worked well enough most of the time but lacked some pretty key features.  Only one picture per post would show and I had to come up with a workaround (not reach around) to show YouTube embedded videos.  Today that stopped being a problem.

The Google version works a lot like the Wordpress mobile sites do, with all pictures and videos showing properly within each post.  Comments can be made directly which is a great feature, the only thing lacking at the moment are sharing buttons but hopefully that's something that Google will add over time.

If you have a blogger hosted blog I'd recommend turning on the feature, it's a lot cleaner than using any of the alternatives that I've seen available.

I'm sure AT and I will shut up about it on Twitter at some point, but go have a look at his over on Diary of a Maverick Ledger because it looks cool as too.

If you're reading this on a PC and don't have a Smart Phone this probably my most redundant post ever.

If you are on a Smart Phone you just read this on the new version.

Cheers though Google, we like.

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