Saturday 4 December 2010

The Song of the Week #5

Questions and Answers started it for me with Biffy, seven years ago.  I was semi-mental at the time and this little three piece from Scotland lifted me up with a song, discovered whilst building a Lego Blockade Runner, while watching MTV2 on a summers day.  I kid you not.

Tonight, as you're reading, this I will be at Wembley Arena, with some of my best friends and my sister (sadly we'll be missing MC and Anakin), watching Biffy Clyro play their biggest headline gig.  They are my band, no one can take that away from me.  I will be watching and feeling very proud that a group, who have sound-tracked most of the last decade for me, are now where they deserve to be.

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch them grow as much as they have.  But it still feels like I belong to a secret little sect sometimes, that only a few of us get the power and the passion of it all and it's impressive that, despite the success, they still retain that.  They still feeling genuine.  Still singing and playing like nothing else matters and when I put their albums on, as I do a lot, nothing does.  Not the glitter and not the trauma.  Fuck all that.

Kick ass tonight lads.  You are one of my mountains.

I can't wait to see @KyeLani's face if they play Bodies in Flight.  *winky face*

Hit the YouTube tab on the mobile version to view the video.

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