Friday 10 December 2010

Top 10 Songs Ever

Actually the post title is a bit of a lie.  Because despite having 'a bit of a think' about this today I'm struggling a tad.  I mean I can come up with around five that are getting in the Top Ten but beyond that there is controversy within the brain stem.

Tonight you get no list.  I'll do that Sunday, if iTunes doesn't behave like a spoilt child at Christmas.  Which it seems to do most evenings before the bollocking thing will work.  I know, 'Get a Mac,' and maybe I will.  Or maybe I'll fuck off to America land next year and struggle on with the PC for another year.  Anyway (me, digressing? Who'd have thunk it), I am gonna spend some time thinking about my Top Ten of all time and y'know, maybe you could do to and like fire your list at me and I might do a graph.  (I won't be doing a graph.)

So yeah.  Tell me what your Top Ten Songs of all time are and I'll post your lists up on here and come with away of making it look all nice and that.

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  1. My condition of life ?

    'I'm a lonely "woof" looking for a dog'-Saul Bellow