Friday 21 January 2011

Finding the Words

Someone out there is trying to find some words.  To sum everything up.

It's something I do all the time, looking beyond my own limited ability to string a sentence together and using some lyrics, written by another, to put my feelings into some sort of coherent, understandable stanza.  When usually they're not either of those things.  I don't do it on Twitter very often, which suits my inane ramblings better, but my facebook status's are often lines from songs alluding to something or other.  I sort of look at my facebook news feed and generally just think, 'I have nothing to say here that wouldn't suit twitter so much better.'  And so up goes another  line from a tune instead.  Which I realise is as boring as it gets.  But I'm kinda on there, so I sort of feel I have to do something...

I always have music playing as I write on here, often something dark and miserable.  Not that I feel like that all the time (or even that often), on the contrary usually I'm pretty damn cheery(ish), but I kinda like playing with that on facebook.  Sometimes I also like to put the name of a fruit.  Y'know, just to mix things up.

But anyway, finding the words of a song isn't always easy, especially when it's something important you want to say and you know you really can't use your own.  But there's always something lurking there somewhere, sometimes in a song you've forgotten.

I've done it a fuck load on here of late, the Song of the Week thing is very much about that but is it about real limitations?  Nah.  Sometimes it's just a more subtle approach to a problem and also if the words in the song mix with a brilliant tune all the better.  Sometimes someone else just puts that shit better than you ever could.

And it's always better than silence wherever you choose to post it.

Good luck with your search.  You'll find your song sooner rather than later.  Loves ya x


  1. The thing with a song is it's not just words... The fruit thing, well you are definitely on your own there Hun.

    Songs to me aren't just an indication of mood but often the labels I attach to my baggage to lighten the load.

  2. That's precisely what I do. It's just comforting to know that someone, at some point in time, felt exactly as you did.