Thursday 13 January 2011

Icon #75 The Most Iconic Movie Quote Ever

'Luke, I am your father.'

First up, it's nice to be back doing what I like to do best, running my little projects on Twitter and it's strange to think that I nearly pulled the plug on @diaryofaledger last week.  Response was great today though, so thanks to everyone who got involved.  It really was nice to be feeling properly back to being myself.

So many quotes to choose from today from so many great movies, but in the end it had to be the one from Empire, even if it wasn't the one I thought it would be.  No one mentioned my favourite so it doesn't get put in the mix.  I guess the winner will be contentious so don't see it as winning just see it as me picking my favourite out of all the suggestions.  Which, let's face it, is what #iconthursday is all about.

Why Vader over everything else?  Because it was such a big shock.  We weren't expecting that were we?  Well maybe the grown ups were (they weren't) but all the way through the first film the references were about Darth killing Anakin, it really was a surprise.  It was such a killer twist, the impact could be felt in every play ground across the country.  Some kids jaws didn't close for four years.  How Lucas got the prequels so badly wrong is a mystery when he was capable of such delicious story twists within his space opera.

Looking back now it's all quite obvious but at the time it blew our tiny minds.  Well mine anyway.

(It was always going to be a geek choice today.)

Tonight's post is dedicated to (from Twitter) @hernameisVee, @ihateonionrings, @maverick99sback, @RickHarwood, @comedyfish, @tbag1402 and (from facebook) MC.

What did I think it would be....?  Guess.


  1. I bought the original trilogy box set in HMV last week- guy behind the till said "we have the prequel trilogy on sale as well, you want to get that one as well?" I thought about hitting him, but decided "No, far too much Jar Jar Binks" was a better response.