Sunday 16 January 2011

Smiling as the shit comes down... can tell a man by what he has to say.
Today was always going to be a difficult game.  But what a start, glimpses of improvement from the team and Anfield prior to kick off, welcoming Dalglish back, well you'd have to have had a heart of stone not to be touched.  Great stuff.

On the pitch things looked good for forty five, a decent goal had us in front and Everton had been harried into being poor.  Then Agger went off and for five minutes at the start of the second half we lost the plot, were two one down and looking ragged and shit again.  But, and this is where the Dalglish factor comes in, we kept going, got a break and equalised.  Two all was about right to be honest, but if we could finish, we could have been out of site by half time.

Best moment of the game, Dalglish's face when the first went in.  Proper joy.  Proper giving a shit.  Lovely to see that on our bench from the manager.  In recent months it's only been Sammy Lee looking like he cares and he's about a foot tall.  At most.  And has a very squeaky voice.

Great Derby though.  For the neutral.

Things aren't going to be easy for Liverpool and I think all of us as fans have to lower our expectations of Dalglish and cease the romance thing now.  Fuck it, I'm worse than anyone for that, but I'll be happy if we're still in the Prem come the summer to be honest, and grateful.

Was nice to see Nando remembering how to play though huh?

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