Wednesday 26 January 2011

This is The News

Changes are afoot.

I HAVE A LOGO!  I cheekily asked @Octoberjones on twitter if he'd make one for me and bless him he did and I love it.  Batman makes a comeback after all, but it just suits the site really well, and me, with my lil glasses and that.  Cheers mate.  Really really appreciated.

On Sunday AT and I will be starting a little experiment.  AT runs a vote over on his site every week but we were wondering if we could encourage a bit more participation by hosting it here as well, at least on the launch day.  So he will post here on a Sunday evening.  Doesn't mean I won't write anything on a Sunday, I'm always off and quite often type something early in the day, but it does give us an opportunity to build the links between the two sites.

The other change is Iconthursday.  I still want to do it, still love doing it, but I feel like it needs to be a once a month thing.  So from now on the first Thursday of every month will be an Iconthursday.  Hope that's cool, it just gives me more room to write in the way I've started to enjoy, which is a bit more me with a lot more opinion.

And while we're on that....

I was toying with doing something about the Andy Gray/Richard Keys thing but the story has been done to death everywhere.  What do I think?  Shouldn't have been sacked, much better to have been made to make a public apology, but it looks like he wasn't quite as popular at Sky as you might have thought.  Or he might have been as hated as much as you thought.  Depending on how clever you're now pretending to be.  And as I write Keys has gone... oh well.  Everyone gets that the football's still on right....?

So as it is a Wednesday and clearly this is another filler post.... (no point lying about that right?) here's a tune from last night's post on AT's site.  You can Spotify it here.

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