Monday, 14 February 2011

Pro Life or Pro Choice?

The fourth of @formulaic666 and I's relaunch of Crossblogination, and we're confronting 'Abortion'.  You can go see what Paul thinks here.

Such a difficult topic.  Emotive, highly volatile and one that often brings out the very worst in people from all walks of life and on both sides.

Rather than critique either side of the argument it probably makes sense to say where I sit with it, how abortion makes me feel and where I see the rights and wrongs.

I absolutely believe in choice.  I'm also very liberal in my views on most topics.  So I believe in a woman having a choice to abort a pregnancy.  In most instances.  In a nut shell, if it wasn't legal then it would still be happening, driven underground, a fistful of notes handed over for a back street abortion.  Is that really the sort of society we want?  

I also get the sanctity of life thing.  Not in a religious fervor sort of way, but in a, 'The whole idea of abortion makes me feel uneasy,' sort of way.  And that, to be honest, isn't so much based around the actual act but more around the way I've seen and heard about it being used repeatedly as a form of contraception.  One accident is understandable but to keep letting that happen, to keep going to the clinic until any thoughts of guilt have long since dissipated, just feels wrong.

But that's the price of choice.  And you can't legislate for some people's selfishness.

I am absolutely certain that most women find the process an incredibly harrowing one.  An unbelievable weight that they must carry after they've completed the process.  It must be an incredibly difficult decision and I've seen the after effects of that choice too.  The way that potential birthdays are remembered and that nagging doubt about whether the right thing was done.  Those women I have the up most respect for.

Abortion polarises opinion and it polarises me.  On the one hand I support choice.  On the other I struggle with how easy it can be for a minority to abuse that choice and not feel the weight of their actions.

Tricky, ultimately I'm pro choice but I put that picture there deliberately.  Just to make you think for a second.