Wednesday 9 February 2011

That Two Day Thing

Take a fucking chill pill readers.  Deep breaths yeah, sit down, relax.  Smoke something illegal if that's your thing.  We've had two good days in a row.  I'm not even lying.

It's been a while since I could say that, maybe five months, def not since Tweetathon, although I did read that book a while back that made my head spin round, which was fuck awesome.  But other than that 2011 has been a bit, well a bit shit.

It's only been two days of not feeling like a mentalist but it's a start right?  Right?!  I even laughed a lot the other night when AT came over and he's not even that funny.*

Last night I went and wrote this on AT's site about a band called Explosions in the Sky and here's my fave song of theirs called A Song for Our Fathers.  It's proper beautiful.  Turn it up loud on headphones and just fucking drown in it.

*A joke AT.

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