Monday 28 February 2011


I really like Words With Friends, but, as the above picture demonstrates, I am awful at it.

Scrabble was never really my game but what I can enjoy is the quality of the app (well the paid one anyway). It's Scrabble in all but name and the free version works in the same way as the bought one except that it has adverts embedded.  And crashes, all the time.  That's my only real gripe here to be honest.  The free version clearly has bugs that aren't in the paid for version, encouraging punters to shell out their £1.79 to get a seamless experience that both should offer.

That aside though it's a clever little app.  The messaging system is a great idea, allowing you to send texts to one another mid game.  Cursing your opponent as a word you had no idea existed gets put on the board no longer needs to just be done under your breath.

If you like Scrabble you'll love it.  If you hate Scrabble or are awful at it *points at self* you'll probably enjoy it as much as I am, despite feeling pretty crap at your inability to form more than a five letter word.  Got the app?  Feel free to challenge me.  Usual user name.